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Bulk Liquid Tank Calibration

Accurate calibration of storage tanks is crucial in determining the volume and depth of liquid stored. If you need to know the amount of liquid that has gone into or out of a storage tank, you will need professional storage tank calibration.

At DMCS Limited, we use Electro-Optical Distance Ranging (E.O.D.R) as an Automatic Measurement System for Vertical Tank Volume.

Tank Measurement Services

Using our skills and experience, we can accurately measure vertical, horizontal and spherical tanks using national and international standards:

  1. The Electro-Optical Distance Ranging (E.O.D.R.) methods (Internal & External ISO 7507 parts 4 & 5). This service has been developed to bring Large Scale Engineering Metrology techniques to the measurement of vertical and spherical storage tanks.
  2. The Reference Optical line and circumference (Optistrap & Strapping) methods (ISO 7507 parts 1 & 2) using the traditional measurement techniques for vertical, spherical and horizontal storage tanks.
  3. Liquid calibration for smaller vessels using a reference flow meter (calibrated to national standards).

Benefits of EODR

The advantages of using this optical method include:

  • Precise measurements - more measurement points are taken, giving more accurate results;
  • Safer method - tanks are measured from the ground, no scaffolding required;
  • Reduced down time - the largest tank barrel can be calibrated in one day;
  • Decreased Errors - measurements are recorded electronically on the theodolite's microprocessor eliminating transcription errors;
  • Conducted in all weathers - external tank calibration can be conducted in most weather conditions. The internal tank calibration is not affected by inclement weather

If you're looking for tank calibration experts with a thorough knowledge as well as an excellent understanding of standards, measurement procedures and calculations, contact us today!