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Bulk Liquid Storage Tank


  • EODR

    We can accurately measure vertical, horizontal and spherical tanks using national and international standards.

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  • Services

    Meeting your requirements for volumetric capacity tables, safety insurance, environmental obligations and more.

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  • Sectors

    Oil Storage and Refineries, Breweries, Distilleries, Soft Drinks, Food & Animal Feed Storage, and Ships & Barges

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DMCS Limited

Welcome to DMCS Limited - we have over twenty years experience and expertise in UK and International bulk liquid storage tank calibration.

Serving a wide range of industries, we only use the most accurate tank calibration method - Electro-Optical Distance Ranging (E.O.D.R.) and we are constantly looking at new ways of developing this technology whilst keeping our prices competitive.

Whether you need tank measurement services for vertical, horizontal or spherical storage vessels, we work to ISO national and international standards and we use our technical knowledge, skills and expertise to ensure a safe and professional service.

For practical and precise bulk liquid storage tank calibration, call DMCS Limited today.

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