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What is Tank Calibration?

Tank Calibration determines the accurate volume of liquid in a storage tank specific to the tanks nominal dimensions i.e. inside length and diameter. A tank may alter its calibration for reasons such as: movement, expansion, contraction, modification or changes take place in the tank plate thickness.

At DMCS Limited, we work with any organisation that stores bulk liquid e.g. petrol & oil, soft drinks, animal feed, cereal manufacturers and more!

Calibration Charts

At DMCS Limited, we have over twenty years experience measuring tanks of a variety of sizes, shapes and designs and we work to ISO national and international standards.

The production of tank calibration charts helps industries:

  • Sell products based on the tanks volume
  • Maintain a high standard of product
  • Carry out Internal Stock Taking
  • Give an accurate measurement of quantity
  • Determine custom duties levied on a tanks contents


Using up to date Electro-Optical Distance Ranging (EODR) internal and external methods, we find this process to be much more accurate, efficient and less time consuming than traditional techniques. It is also more economical against strapping with scaffolding and bottom calibration by water.